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Program Structure: Our mentoring program consists of 20 sessions, each lasting 1 hour, conducted once a week. This structured approach is designed to ensure comprehensive coverage of the essential trading topics while allowing you to practice and integrate your learning effectively.

Course Content: Here's a detailed breakdown of what you will cover during the 20 sessions:

Session 1-4: Introduction to Trading

  • What is a broker?
  • Understanding trading platforms: MT4 and MT5
  • The significance of leverage in trading

Session 5-8: Money Management

  • Principles of risk management
  • Position sizing techniques for preserving capital
  • Practical application of money management strategies

Session 9-12: Trading Psychology

  • Developing a disciplined trading mindset
  • Emotional control and decision-making under pressure
  • Techniques for maintaining focus and confidence

Session 13-16: Supply and Demand Analysis

  • Deep dive into global supply and demand dynamics
  • Identifying key factors affecting price movements
  • Analyzing market sentiment and its impact on trading

Session 17-20: Advanced Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis

  • Support and Resistance: Identification and application
  • Reading and interpreting candlestick patterns
  • The integration of fundamental analysis and the study of macroeconomics into your trading strategy

Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, practice what you've learned, and receive feedback from your mentor. The weekly structure allows you to digest and apply the knowledge gained effectively.

Trading Like a Bank: We want to emphasize that our program focuses on teaching you to trade like a professional financial institution, without relying on indicators. You will learn to analyze the market and make decisions based on pure price action, similar to how banks and financial institutions approach trading. Moreover, our program will integrate fundamental analysis and macroeconomic studies into your trading approach, providing a holistic understanding of the markets.

Mentoring 1-on-1