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Are Investech Industries a Scam? Is it a platform or a broker? Let me clarify.

In this post, we'll define Investech Industries and show why it's impossible that the company is a fraud.
•    You need a trading platform and a trading account in order to trade with Investech Industries.
•    You can open a trading account with a broker. Your broker grants you access to the markets and a trading platform when you create a trading account.
•    When picking a broker, use caution. Your trading money and deposit are collected and held in custody by brokers.
•    Pick a licensed, reliable broker with a track record of excellence who has been active on the market for at least five years. There is no need to put your confidence in Investech Industries since we cannot steal your money, either with or without your consent.
•    Stripe, an Irish-American financial services and software as a service (SaaS) firm with dual headquarters in South San Francisco, California, and Dublin, Ireland, securely processes credit card payments on There is no way for us to get access to your payment card data.

You are not required to make any starting, trading, or deposit payments to Investech Industries. Your money is in your brokerage account. You are not compelled to grant us access to your funds in any way.
We must first define both Investech Industries and a scam in order to determine if they are real or a fraud.

Investech Industries: What are they? Your trading platform may be expanded with Investech Industries' automated trading software. On your behalf, Investech Industries trades. Our robot is completely under your control, including what it does, what it trades, when it trades, and how it trades. Investech Industries is neither a broker or a trading platform.


What is a scam? A scam is a term that describes any fraudulent business or scheme that takes money or other goods from an unsuspecting person.

Is Investech Industries a Scam?
Investech Industries would have to be a plan that defrauds unwary individuals in order to qualify as a scam. This is not feasible since we do not have access to your credit card details and do not gather your trading money.

We are unable to collect any payment from you because: • We do not save any credit card data. Stripe Inc. is in charge of handling all payment card data. Worldwide, they manage billions of payments. We don't collect your initial investment, trading capital, or deposit, and we don't use some sketchy organisation situated on some far-flung tropical island for payment security. Your broker is the one who holds the funds in your trading account. Since we don't have access to your money, we'll never ask you for access.
As you can see, there's not even a need to trust Investech Industries, because there’s no way in which we could take your money, with or without your authorization.

Let's use an illustration to clarify:
You must open a trading account with a broker in order to engage in trading.
There is no getting around it for lone traders. You need a trading account that the broker manages if you wish to engage in trading.
Your money will be deposited into your account. Since Investech Industries is not a broker, your trading capital is not collected by us. The money you use for trading is not available to us.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of brokers and a lot of scammers.
There are criminal organisations who put up bogus brokers with false websites, making the internet a dangerous place.
This implies that the first step in creating a trading account is to avoid scammers.
Whether you trade manually or through Investech Industries, you'll still require trading account.
What has been successful for us in avoiding frauds while choosing a broker and creating a trading account is as follows:
• The broker needs to be licenced in the nation from where you are dealing.
• The broker must be at least five years in business and have no prior history of wrongdoing, financial crime, or unlawful activity.
Before and after you join, the broker must provide excellent customer service.
The best course of action is to locate a broker who satisfies the criteria and then establish a demo account with them.
You will have access to the trading platform through your broker.
The trading platform, which is the actual piece of software you use to carry out trades, is connected to your trading account. Install the trading platform on your computer, then sign in with your broker credentials. After that, you'll be allowed to place transactions.
The majority of brokers utilise MetaTrader 4 or MT5, the two most widely used and cost-free trading platforms in the world, with more than three million users combined.

And for that reason, we enabled MetaTrader compatibility for Investech Industries.
You'll have a better sense of which broker is the greatest fit for you and deserving of having you as a client once you've used both for a long.
Keep in mind that using offshore and unregulated brokers is when frauds typically occur.
We really hope that this material was helpful.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below.

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